Mo's Dance and Drama
Mo's Dance and Drama

Children's classes in Caversham & Emmer Green from January 2018

 CAVERSHAM METHODIST HALL, Ardler Road, Caversham, RG4 8EB


Monday 4:15-4:45pm RAD Grade 1Ballet
  4:45-5:25pm RAD Grade 2 Ballet
  5:25-6:05pm RAD Grade 3 Ballet
Wednesday 4:00-4:30pm RAD Pre-Primary/Primary Ballet
  4:30-5:00pm RAD Grade 1 Ballet
  5:00-5:30pm RAD Grade 2 Ballet
  5:30-7:00pm RAD Intermediate Foundation Ballet
  7:00-8:30pm RAD Advanced Foundation Ballet
Thursday 4:00-4:30pm RAD Pre-Primary Ballet
  4:30-5:00pm RAD Primary Balet
  5:00-5:30pm RAD Grade 1 Ballet
  5:30-6:10pm RAD Grade 2 ballet
  6:10-6:50pm RAD Grade 3 Ballet


CAVERSHAM HALL,  St John's Road, Caversham, RG4 5AN  


Wednesday 4:30-5:30pm RAD Grade 5 Ballet
  5:30-6:10pm RAD Grade 4 Ballet
Thursday 10:00-10:30am Tots Dance (with mum)
  10:30-11:00am Preschool Dance



Friday 1:30-2:00pm Preschool Dance
  2:00-2:30pm  'Tiny Tappers' - Preschool Tap Dance
  3:45-4:15pm Beginners Junior Tap
  4:15-4:45pm Junior Tap
  4:45-5:15pm Senior Tap
  5:15-5:45pm Senior Tap
  5:45-6:15pm Intermediate Tap
  6:15-7:15pm RAD Advanced 1 Ballet
  7:15-8:15pm RAD Intermediate Ballet
  5:15-6:15pm RAD Grade 8 Ballet


YOUTH & COMMUNITY CENTRE, Grove Rd, Emmer Green, RG4 8LN                

Saturday 9:00-9:30am RAD Grade 1 Ballet
  9:30-10:00am RAD Pre-Primary Ballet
  10:00-10:30am RAD Grade 2 Ballet
  10:30-11:00am RAD Pre-Primary Ballet
  11:00-11:30am RAD Primary Ballet
  11:30-12:00pm Preschool Dance
  12:00-12:30pm Mini & Junior Street Dance (4-10yrs)
  12:30-1:15pm Senior Street Dance (11yrs+)



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