Prices (from September 2022)

Prices shown are per pupil per class. 

All fees are payable in advance each term (our terms are between 5 and 7 weeks).  


30 minute class: £4.95

40 minute class: £6.65

45 minute class: £7.45

50 minute class: £8.30

60 minute class: £9.90

90 minute class: £15.00


Prices and details of how to pay for exams, medal tests and show commitment fees are given on the relevant entry form.


Term Dates 2022/23

Parents Watching Weeks – last week before Christmas, Easter and Summer Holiday


Term 1

Mon 5th September to Saturday 22nd October 2022

7 weeks

Half Term

Term 2

Mon 31st October to Saturday 10th December 2022

6 weeks

Christmas Holiday

Term 3

Tues 3rd January to Saturday 11th February 2023

No classes bank holiday Mon 2nd Jan 2023

6 weeks (5 weeks Mon classes)

Half Term

Term 4

Mon 20th February to Saturday 1st April 2023

6 weeks

Easter Holiday

Term 5

Mon 17th April to Saturday 27th May 2023

No classes bank holiday Mon 1st May 2023

6 weeks (5 weeks Mon classes)

Half Term

Term 6

Mon 5th June to Saturday 15th July 2023

6 weeks

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